Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance
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If we claim that our Systems are Intelligent, then they must be smart enough to tell you that they are going to fail. This is exactly what Secutech`s Predictive Failure Monitoring Service Provides. It Predicts Failure in Equipments using Artificial Intelligence.

The Problem

Despite having all the technology sophistication in the World, if some critical equipment fails, its Game Over.

Can Equipment Failure be Predicted ?

The Answer is Yes. Today, Vehicles have become far smarter in sharing real time information with us, unlike the past. Today, a vehicle will tell you when there is Less Air Pressure in your Tyres, providing you enough time to visit the closest Gas Station and Fix the Problem before you Damage your Tyres permanently. In the Past, you would damage your tyres permanently and then learn that this was because of Low Tyre Pressure.

The Situation is the Same in Building Equipments. By Actively Monitoring and Benchmarking Data collected, we at Secutech,  can predict Failure.

The Solution

Secutech`s IoT Based Digital Unification system enables us to have a platform to collect all the data from MEP, ELV and IT Systems. Data is the New Oil.

99.99% of the time, the BMS cannot detect these faults as these are states of Pre-Alarm and Not Alarm. When an Alarm state is Triggered, it already means your Equipment has Failed.

Using the Data Collected, we run a Set of Algorithms and this generates results which can be used to predict Failure.

Our Artificial Intelligence Platform runs Analytics ranging from Pattern Analysis, Data Variation of Subsets, Data Benchmarking etc to provide real time Actionable Insights.

Unique to Secutech

Some of the Examples of how we help Customers through our Predictive Manitenace Service :

  • When Temperature Sensors dont change Values for 4 Hours – It means that the Temperature Sensor is Faulty, but the BMS wont Pick it up since its not Dropped Above or below the Defined Threshold.
  • When VAV Boxes fail to deliver the required CFM based on Occupancy  due to a probable stuck Damper Actuator – The BMS wont pick this up and it will lead to a Too Hot or Too Cold Situation which is a Nightmare for Building Operators
  • When the Run Time of Equipments occurs before the Timely Scheduled Maintenance – this helps in providing timely service in Real Time to Equipments which have crossed Run Hours before the Scheduled Maintenance Date.

Predictive Analytics can be Run on ANY System Connected to our IoT based Digital Unification Platform –  from Building Automation, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection, Public Evacuation, IT Networking, Servers & Storage, Audio-Video Systems, IP Telephony, Lighting Automation, Digital Signages etc. 

Whether you prefer Cloud Based or On-Premise, we got you covered

Knowing what is about to Fail can help you pre-plan all your activities accordingly. This automatically provides a lot of Tangibility.

We use AI to take Dynamic Decisions on the real time data that we collect ensuring the highest level of Actionable Insights in the Shortest Possible Time