2018 | CIO Review | Smart Building Company of the Year

2018 | CIO Review | Smart Building Company of the Year
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Award Description

Making Infrastructures Smart through IoT Enabled Platform      

In the next few years, there will be heavy investment in infrastructures that are enabled to produce and save energy and enhance productivity and operations to fulfil the rising demands.

The paradigm shift in this industry encourages the automation and system integrators market. However, ELV systems have become complex and have scattered data points where a traditional integration approach is destined to fail. 

Key Reasons why we won this Award

The team at Secutech demonstrated great technical skill, conducted a deep analysis, deployed the platform and ensured great project management services. The enterprise was immediately able to recognise the immediate benefits of two million rupees per month by harnessing the power of Secutech’s O3i services.

“Keeping in mind the three O’s i.e. Owner, Occupant and Operator, Secutech creates outcome based models which enable us to solve problems that are governing these three roots. This helps us become far more important to the building because now we are not just talking about smart buildings but are talking about holistically smart building focused on comfort, security, efficiency and sustainability,” reveals Aditya Prabhu, Group CEO, Secutech Automation.    

Systems. The company offers operational intelligence which is essentially outcome based services to the Owners, Occupants and Operators. Here the team conducts and delivers energy monitoring, performance monitoring, IoT based AI solutions, IoT-based outcome based services, predictive analytics and remote monitoring to provide more energy efficiency based solution monitoring for customers across the country which is in essence the third division that Secutech calls the O3i. This is the company’s round-the-clock Remote Fire Monitoring Service, a cloud based Utility, which ensures the Uptime and Maintenance of the Fire Detection system.  

Lastly, the company caters to a broad spectrum of industry verticals with its IoT enabled services platform that provides a holistic Interface for Monitoring, Controlling and Analysing the System Data.

“We have worked on AI and created a platform which can integrate with any hardware, device or equipment and can provide data outcome services which is basically data stitching. IoT based services enable us to provide a complete outcome based model to the customer by integrating every kind of service and product right from social media integration, platforms, softwares to hardware and so on and it’s stitched together,” explains Aditya Prabhu (CEO, Secutech Automation)

CIO Award