Cloud based Video Surveillance

Cloud based Video Surveillance
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Cloud based Services is the Future Norm of the Industry. Secutech is Future Ready to provide Customers a Video Surveillance Solution on the Cloud. This Saves over 60% of your CAPEX and provides a Flexible Deployment Solution where you can Pay as you Grow.

The Problem

Today, CCTV Cameras are a Commodity. It is extremely difficult to justify the cost difference between various brands of cameras having the same specifications. The Larger portion of the Investment although is on the Servers and Storage. The Server & Storage Cost is upto the tune of over 50% of the CCTV CAPEX.

Moreover, as products age, the Cost of Replacing the Server and Storage hits you every 5 Years, well as the Camera Life may even be upto 7-8 Years.

Today, all our Applications & E-Mail Services etc on the Cloud. Amazon, SAP, Google, Microsoft etc have re-changed the complete business model and we are all benefitting,

Now its time to benefit for our Video Surveillance on the Cloud Services

The Solution

All you need is the CCTV Camera, a Network Point and a Monitoring PC along with a Reliable Internet Connection. We are also open to provide On-Premise Computing options tailored to customer needs with cloud based Licensing.

All the Software License, Servers and Storage is now on the cloud and charged to you as a Per Camera Cost.

Savings between 50-60% are immediately seen by shifting to cloud. While Cloud Security gets talked about, the fact of the matter remains that most of our Personal, Professional and Critical Data is Saved on the Cloud. We provide an Extremely Reliable Cloud Security Solution backed by Microsoft Azure.

Unique to Secutech

Cloud based Video Surveillance offers the following benefits :

  • No CAPEX for License, Servers & Storage
  • Flexible – Pay as you Go
  • Pay for Only what you Store & Use
  • Future Proof – Add Any Number of Cameras at Any time
  • No AMC Costs for Hardware or License Updation
  • Book Full Amount as Expenses for Higher IRR

Use any Camera brand. We will integrate to that.

Use cloud based Analytics to drive Operational Intelligence and Security Response Time

Have you ever heard of your Cloud Data Crashing ? Never lose your Data. Your Data is Secure and only accessible by you

The Complete System is Redundant. Imagine the headache and costs you save by not taking ownership of your Server & Storage