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The Logistics Industry has grown Leaps and Bounds in India. Logistic Spaces are No Longer Brick and Steel Structures but are Spaces Enveloped with Technology deployed from Secutech. Warehousing Today is a Complex Business that depends Heavily on our Technology.

Project Focus : Arshiya International (FTWZ)

Design & Implementation of a Command & Control Centre for Central Warehouse Monitoring which Includes Safety & Security of Assets, Energy Efficiency of Warehouses and Overall Automation of Entry / Exit and Dock Loading Facilities.

RFID Based Technology to Track, Monitor, Locate and Identify Assets that are stored in the Facility by further Linking it to our Live CCTV Solution. Warehouse Personnel and Vehicle Movement and Tracking Technology to Prevent Unauthorized Entry and Exits. Customized Portal of Interface Provided to Customers who want Remote Access to Monitor, Track and View their Cargo when Stored within the Warehouse.

Temperature & Environmentally Controlled Warehouses for Specific Storage Needs.

Secutech`s Technology Stack

  • Precision Tracking of Environmental Conditions in HVAC Controlled Warehouses where Sensitive Goods are Kept which need to be Maintained in a Dust Free Environment.
  • Monitoring and Controlling the Cold Storage Facilities of the Warehouse to Ensure Compliance to Precision Temperature Control for Pharmaceutical Drugs and Perishable Food.
  • IoT based Digital Unification System
  • Integrated Warehouse Management
  • IoT Based Cloud Based Remote Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • On-Site & Off-Site Operational Intelligence Services
  • Building Management Systems
  • Fire Detection, Fire Protection & Disaster Evacuation
  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Digital Signage
  • IP Based Unified Communication  Systems
  • Baggage Scanners
  • Metal Detectors & Vehicle Scanners
  • Networking, Switching and IT Automation

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