Remote Maintenance

Remote Maintenance
by admin
Managed Services has been successfully accepted in the IT Industry. With the ELV Industry moving towards IT, Secutech`s Remote Maintenance is our ELV Managed Service Offering.

What we do 

Secutech`s Remote Maintenance Service helps customers to get the best Return of Investments on their ELV & MEP Systems by Ensuring to Maintain them Remotely on a Constant Basis.

The origination of the Service came to existence when we started working with customers on Continuous Commissioning projects during the Operations Phase.

By using our Cloud based IoT Enabled Digital Unification service, we can now install a “Black Box” at the Customers premises that allows us Secure Access to monitor and check the health of Equipments remotely.

As Technology has progressed in the IT Domain to Remote Managed Services, where Enterprise Class Data is Secure, the ELV & MEP Data is surely not in a situation to get compromised.

How our Service Helps our Customers

  • Provides a Real Time Check on Failures
  • Helps Building Operators Efficiently Manage their Equipments
  • Provides Real Time Corrective Action to Customers
  • Shared Knowledge Set helps Customers gain from our Domain Experience
  • Saves a Lot of Cost in the Long Run for Customers