AI Based Visitor Management

AI Based Visitor Management
by admin
Using Facial Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, we have given rebirth to an otherwise very basic but Essential System for all Facilities.

What we offer

Visitor Management Systems are the first line of defence when it comes to Premise Security from Outsiders. The Visitor Management System has always been understated mainly because it has been looked upon as a “Pass Printing” System rather than a Visitor Security Management System.

At Secutech, we consider the Visitor Management System and its Profiling feature to be the 1st Line of Defence for any Facility.

Some Key Components of the Visitor Management System are :

  • Touch Screen Kiosks
  • Pass on Mobile Phone Application
  • Self Service Kiosks with Card Dispensing
  • Centralised Database Management
  • WIFI Password Integration
  • Evacuation Map Integration
  • Biometric De-Duplication (If Needed)
  • Biometric Capture – Finger, Iris & Face
  • Aadhar Integration (India UID)

Unique to Secutech

  • Cloud based Face Recognition for Visitors
  • Upload Photographs of Black Listed Visitors
  • Flag Black Listed Visitors Immediately
  • SMS & Voice Call Integration for Overstayed Visitors
  • In-Premise Visitor List Evacuation Sequence in terms of Fire EVAC
  • Risk Management Profile based on Number of Visitors
  • Artificial Intelligence to Map Frequent Visitors & Patterns
  • Cloud Based or On-Premise Option
  • Seamless Integration with ERP, Access Control etc.
  • We offer Customised Solution to Suit Customer Needs.

Key Wins

  • VS Hospital
  • Reliance GHQ