Monitoring based Commissioning

Monitoring based Commissioning
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Todays Buildings are very Complex. The Usage Pattern of the Building with Changing Weather, Ageing Equipment, Varying People Movement etc completely changes the Dynamic and Challenges the Commissioning Logic used in Buildings. Our Monitoring Based Commissioning helps your Commissioning Logic Stay Updated to provide Continuous Efficiency based on the Changing Envelope of the Building

The Problem

After the Project Stages of Commissioning , no one commissions the System once again to meet Operational Dynamics.

How do you know that what Logic was used to create the Project Stage Commissioning Logics is the same during the various Stages of Operations of the Building ?

Buildings are like People. People require continuous health checks and corrective action to maintain their Health. People get new Problems as they age and require a different set of corrective action to maintain their health. Buildings are exactly the same. The Problem faced today, may not be the same problem that you may face tomorrow.

The Solution

Monitoring based commissioning is a service through which we collect real time data of the building equipments. Based on the Data Collected, we take corrective action to fix the anticipated issues ensuring that the Building is performing Efficiently at all times.

Some of the Focus Areas of Monitoring based commissioning are :

  • Control Logic Validation
  • Alarm Analysis to Provide Corrective Action
  • Predictive Failure Algorithms to Prevent Failure
  • Adjust Settings to Match Weather Conditions
  • Adjust HVAC to match People Occupancy

Unique to Secutech

Continuous Commissioning services are a Necessity in todays Complex Buildings.

  • We help you in Ensuring your Buildings “Actually” run Healthy
  • We Ensure 25-30% Cost Reduction in Terms of Maintenance & Energy Costs
  • We Provide 100% Cloud Based Remote Support
  • We provide Actionable Reporting as Corrective Action to Fix Problems

75% of the time, the Programming Logic used during Project Stages will need to be changed. 99% of the time, they are never changed. At Secutech, we want to focus on increasing that 1% share of Customers by Providing Dynamic and Proactive Logics using Continuous Commissioning.

No Local Network. No Additional Hardware. 100% Cloud based Service. It can be Initiated within 24-48 Hours

By Ensuring your Buildings Health & Efficiency, we commit to Tangible Returns on your Investments

100% of our Customers have appreciated this Initiative.