Secutech 4.0

Secutech 4.0
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Secutech as a Signature Brand

In 2009, we decided to create a New Mission Statement for Every 3 Years of our Business to meet the changing & dynamic needs of our customer.  The core focus was to solve the Real World Problems in our Business to enhance our customer experience.

The Result : Secutech 1.0, Secutech 2.0, Secutech 3.0 and now Secutech 4.0

2009 to 2011 | Secutech 1.0 | #Integration Delivered

The Problem in that era was proprietary integration. Secutech believed in open technology and started engineering solutions to make systems open and non proprietary. The complete focus was on Integration.

2012 to 2014 | Secutech 2.0 | #Smart Delivered

After Mastering Integration, we were generating a lot of data. The Next Step was to use this Data Effectively in Real World Applications. Secutech 2.0, was focussed on creating Applications that could make Buildings Smarter. Secutech won the Worlds Smartest Building Award from Builcon USA, that Enabled us to think in this Direction.

2015 to 2017 | Secutech 3.0 | #Productivity Delivered

From Making buildings smart, the next big question that was posing as a real world problems was to operate buildings smart. This is where we started using Data Analytics and Converted Building Data into Actionable Intelligence. This is where we were able to Drive Productivity in Buildings.



2018 to 2020 | Secutech 4.0 | #Value Delivered

Customers today seek Tangibility on their Investments. As a Master Systems Integrator (MSI), it has become our Responsibility to convert Costs into Investments. This is where we now need to provide Business Intelligence to Customers by using Artificial Intelligence and IoT. This Era is about Delivering Value.

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