VIP Experience Application

VIP Experience Application
by admin
We all love Technology. If Technology provides a Customised Experience, we love it even more. Using Secutech`s IoT Enabled Digital Unification platform, we can provide a tailor made experience for VIPs that will make them feel Special.

What we offer

Our VIP Experience begins with Identifying the VIP. A VIP can either be a person who works in the Office Premises like the Promoter, Managing Director, CEO etc or could be a Visitor to the Facility who needs to be Impressed.

Using Existing Data from various Systems, we use Artificial Intelligence to provide that Custom Touch to make the Experience of the VIP, memorable.

Unique to Secutech

We follow the Journey of the VIP from the time they Enter the Facility till they Reach their Office Space and use our IoT Based Digital Unification Experience to Trigger the Custom Touch.

  • Presence of the VIP is either Manually Triggered by Security Staff based on Name of the VIP and a Button given to Him for Quick Access or Automated through the VIPs Car RFID trigger with a Confirmation of the Fact that the VIP has entered and Not Just his Car
  • Using AI, we can generate a multiple number of Permutations and Create Different User Journeys Dynamically
  • Once VIP Enters the Facility, the Lift is Called Automatically using a Priority Trigger to the Car Lobby Level
  • Lift is Activated either by VIP Access Card or by Pass Code to Ensure no Misuse during the wait time.
  • The Lift Automatically goes to the Floor of the VIPs Office
  • VIPs Office AC, Lights, PC etc are activated automatically
  • VIPs Personal Assistance is Informed Automatically to be Ready for VIPs Greeting
  • VIPs Pantry Preferences are sent to Housekeeping & Pantry Services
  • Access Control on VIP Path can be Disabled to Avoid Swiping based on Dynamic Route Movement Rules of the VIP.

The Possibilities are Endless. Think of a User Journey and Use case, we at Secutech can make that happen.

Our Goal

  • To Make VIPs feel Special