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From the Desk of the COO & Co-Founder

At Secutech we have a clear and unequivocal focus towards our Business Integrity, Professional Conduct & Ethics. Our Integrity Policy Underlies the Secutech value of Fair Business Practices, Mutual Self Respect, Honesty,  Fairness & Responsibility.

Our Integrity Policy covers and is not restricted to follow the Following Practices :

Fair People Practices Policy

All Team Members within Secutech will follow the highest level of ethical conduct while dealing with Customers, Partners, Colleagues and Competitors. Every member of Secutech will work within the Legal Framework of Trust, Mutual Respect & Business Integrity. Integrity for Secutech is a Non Negotiable Virtue.

Fair Business Policy

We will not use Unfair means to win business.  We will not offer or accept any kind of Privileges that could challenge the code of ethical conduct that underlies within us.  We respect our competition and invite an healthy practice of competing in the market.

These Values demonstrate how well we conduct our business with the highest standards of ethical conduct and reflect within our virtues as we go along on our day to day business.

Deepali Kelkar
COO & Co-Founder

Phone: +91-22-7170-7170

We have an Open Door Policy of Reporting and will keep all Information Confidential. Please do bring any Violation in our Ethics directly to me.