CXO Dashboards

CXO Dashboards
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Using Data from all Sub-Systems, our IoT based Digital Unification Platform helps us convert that Data to Actionable Insights in the form of Dashboards to CXOs.

What we offer

CXO Dashboards has been one of our best selling applications that customers find useful. By using our IoT Based Digital Unification Platform, we are now able to Integrate Data from both the Digital World and Physical World.

This Data when converted to Information by applying business logic can provide actionable insights to customers on a variety of Domains.

We have seen that Secutech O3i focusses on 3 Types of People :

  • Owners
  • Occupants
  • Operators

Each Category of O3i has a different requirement of a dashboard. Some of the Use Case Scenarios are mentioned below. These can be customised based on user needs.

Unique to Secutech

Important Data Points for Building Owners :

  • Is my Technology Investment paying me back ?
  • How can we Increase Real Estate Value by using Technology ?
  • How can we reduce CAPEX on Technology Spends ?

Important Data Points for Building Operators :

  • Is my Building Operating Efficiently ?
  • Total Open Alarms (Critical) with Cost Per Hour ?
  • Which areas am I wasting Energy ?
  • How can we Improve Comfort in the Building ?
  • What is my Risk Score ?
  • What is my Building Operations Benchmark Score ?

Important Data Points for Building Occupants :

  • Is there Traffic on the way to Office
  • Is there Parking Space Available ?
  • Whats the Average Waiting time for the Canteen ?
  • Whats the Quality Score of the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)  in Office ?

Our Goal

  • Provide Valuable Insights to CXOs
  • To improve the Productivity and Information Score of People about the Functionality of their Building Services in Real Time