Energy Analytics

Energy Analytics
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Energy is the most precious and probably one of the most expensive commodities while running a Building. Secutech`s Energy Analytics Services provides customers actionable Insights and Tangible Cost Reductions using Artificial Intelligence.

The Problem

No Customer is happy when it comes to the Subject of Energy Efficiency. In fact a lot of Customers feel that despite having invested in Energy Efficient Equipment, they are not getting the value of their Returns. This is in many ways true.

Imagine buying a Vehicle which claims to offer the best Mileage. But, because of Poor Driving Skills, Low Quality of Fuel and Negligence on Maintaining the Vehicle, the Fuel Economy claimed vs actual is a big disparity. Buildings are not different.

Statistically, 80% of the Buildings have a scope of reducing over 40% of their Energy costs without any Capital Investments.

Ensuring that your Fire Detection System is maintained and running in perfect working condition has been an age old challenge.

The Solution

Secutech`s IoT Based Digital Unification system enables us to have a platform to collect all the data from MEP, ELV and IT Systems. Data is the New Oil. Secutech`s Energy Management Application is the Platform for Processing the Data to be used as Information.

By Collecting Data from all Power Hungry Systems and Running Artificial Intelligence Driven Business Rules we can uncover :

  • Which are the Areas where Energy is Wasted
  • Whether the Equipment is running as per Factory Defined Standard ?
  • Benchmarking of Design Calculations VS Actual
  • Pattern Analysis to find Faults in Equipments leading to Energy Loss
  • Continuous Commissioning of the IBMS Logics to meet the Operational Envelope of the Building

Unique to Secutech

Our IoT Platform helps us save Energy in buildings to the Tune of 35-50% without any CAPEX.

  • We can Integrate with Any brand of BMS
  • We can do Metering Solutions for Tenant Energy Billing
  • We can Calculate Wheeling Losses between Supply to Utilisation
  • We commit to Outcome based Payments to reduce customers Financial Risks
  • Deployment can be done within 24 Hours

Our Energy Audit Service collects all the data and uncovers the hidden potential of your savings. We call this as the Efficiency Discovery Phase. This Typically is a 3 Month Exercise.

During this Phase, we commission the system to meet the operational philosophy of the building envelope to regain back the lost efficient. This Phase lasts for 6 Months.

Once we have set new Baselines during the Efficiency recovery phase, its important to monitor closely that we are achieving ur goals. This is done through our Monitoring phase in which we continuously improve the baseline of the project. This Phase lasts between 12-24 Months.

From the Money that we would have saved from the previous 3 Phases, we advise investments after sucking out the complete efficiency potential of all equipments. In this Phase we advise the replacement of Parts & Equipments with Tangible Returns.