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Dont be “Locked-In” by “Open Technology”

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The Biggest Mistake customers make while choosing Open Systems is get fooled by Open Protocols like Bacnet, Modbus & Lonworks

There is a big difference in Open Systems and Open Protocols. Unfortunately, customers are fooled into believing that their Systems are Open because they have an Open Protocol. This is in no way true.

At Secutech, we pledge to provide non proprietary technology to customers and we educate our customers with information enabling them to make the right and informed choices.

Check for the points below to determine if your System is Truly Open :

  1. Technology : Most OEMs & Service Providers will claim that their Technology is Non Proprietary because it supports  Bacnet, Modbus or Lonworks. What they wont tell you is that you need a Proprietary Commissioning Dongle to Configure the System, a tool which only they have access to. Basically, your Technology is Open but Locked.
  2. Services : What Most OEMs & Service Providers will not tell you is that, since they are the only company who has access to Spares and Proprietary Configuration Tools, no other company can come and bid for your AMC. Basically, you have to Live or Die with that OEM or Service Provider only, despite the Quality of Services they have to Offer.
  3. Spares : What may have cost you 100 during the project stages can now cost you 500. Since the source of Spares is only one Company, how can you expect a Fair and Open Pricing from them ?
  4. Framework : Nokia Died not because of a Poor Quality Phone, but its inability to open up to a Framework like the way Android did. Data is the New Oil. If your choice of Technology doesnt have an Openly Published API or SDK, its not worth considering it. You surely are not using as Nokia Phone today, why should you use something like that when making Expensive Investments that need to Last 10 Years ?

To make Life Simple, we have created a Tool. A Tool which allows you to ask the Relevant Questions to your OEM & Service Provider based on which you get a Score. The Score tells you, whether your OEM & Service Provider is Locking you or truly being Honest and Providing you with an Open System.

Please Click this Link and Follow the Instructions for “Secutech Open Building Scorecard”

Why Master System Integrators are Replacing OEMs

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The Rise of the Master System Integrator (MSI) has begun.

Top 5 Reasons to choose an MSI over an OEM for your Next Project :

  1. Invest in Solutions, Dont Buy Products  – A MSI doesnt own any products. They are more Interested in Engineering Tailor Made Solutions that fit the requirement rather than having any vested Interest in Selling Products unlike OEMs.
  2. Dont be Fooled with “Open & Non Proprietary Technology” – A System Installed by a MSI can be Serviced Openly in the Market. However the systems installed by an OEM despite being marketed as “Open and Non Proprietary ” can only be Serviced by that OEM.
  3. Be Free to Choose who you give the AMC to  – MSIs are more service Oriented. They are willing to go the extra mile in ensuring Customer Retention during Services as they always have the fear of being replaced if they are not performing. With OEMs, you will have to Live with that decision and have absolutely no option but to write off your Investment in case of poor services or disputes since their systems are locked for services. For a Customer, its always good to keep your options open.
  4. Data is the New Oil – The New Breed of MSIs are like the Data Architects of a Building. Using Artificial Intelligence and IoT, they are capable of providing Services that help customers reduce operational & energy costs.
  5. Making True Integration Happen -The true DNA of a MSI is to be an “Integrator”.  Unlike OEMs whose Scope of work normally doesn’t go beyond the products they manufacture, MSIs dont have that Limitation and can thus Integrate everything on the Network!

Gone are the days when Customers believed that OEMs were the right choice for Executing their Projects. We are Secutech. We are India`s Largest MSI for ELV Systems.