IoT based Building Management Platform (BMS)

IoT based Building Management Platform (BMS)
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How Often have we heard Customers Complain that they have wasted their Money on a BMS. Our IoT Based Building Management Platform addresses all these Issues.

The Problem

Traditional Building Automation Systems are nothing but Glorified Alarm Managers. Most of the times, the Operator is spending time in locating & solving alarms rather than preventing them.

The other issue remains the Proprietary approach in which current BMS Systems are Installed. They are not Service Neutral and often come with very Expensive AMC Costs and Proprietary Licensed Commissioning Tools.

Added to these issues is the Integrity of Commissioning. The System that was commissioned in the Project Stages is never Re-commissioned in the Operations Stages to adapt to real life onsite conditions.

The Solution

The IoT Based Building Management Platform provides a unique ability to Integrate Any System, Any Protocol over Any Network, The Solution is Non Proprietary and can be Serviced by any Qualified Technician without any Licensed Tools.

Traditional BMS have inherent issues in Reporting, Analytics and Dashboards. The IoT Based BMS Platform is a very simple to use but sophisticated tool that gives a lot of Flexibility to the Customer.

Did we forget to mention that if Designed well, the IoT Based BMS Platform can cost 35-40% Less than Traditional BMS Systems ?

Unique to Secutech

Our IoT based BMS Platform can Integrate with any Third Party BMS at a Software Level or DDC Controllers of any Brand at a Hardware Level.

  • We can save our CAPEX by 35-40%
  • We can save your OPEX by 35-40%
  • We can make your Existing BMS come to Life
  • India`s 1st BMS on a Cloud Solution
  • #TLC4Buildings  – We take ownership of your Building

Whether you want it on the Cloud or on Premises, we got you covered.

We can now create a Decentralised and Redundant Architecture that distributes Risk &  Increased Edge Decision making more effective

Using AI on Data Collected, we are now able to Predict Failures before they occur, Identify Maintenance Issues Proactively, Improve Energy Consumption and Increase Equipment Life.

Technology Life Cycle Management for Buildings – #TLC4Buildings is a structured approach where we use our IoT based BMS Platform can provide predictive alerts, optimise resources, anticipate maintenance  & reduce energy all while increasing comfort.