2007 | Frost & Sullivan | Emerging IBMS Co of India

2007 | Frost & Sullivan | Emerging IBMS Co of India
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Award Description

Frost & Sullivan’s Emerging Company of the Year Award is presented to an upcoming organization with a vision that has achieved substantial growth despite several obstacles, which are often faced by small companies. This Award recognizes the company’s unique or bold product/service that has significant market potential, and its capability to launch it in the market successfully.

Research Methodology

To choose this Award recipient, Frost & Sullivan’s analyst team tracks technology and market developments with a set of predetermined qualitative and quantitative measurements. The selection process includes primary participant interviews and/or interviews with end users, distributors, and suppliers, as well as extensive primary and secondary research via the bottom-up approach. In order to select the Award recipient, the analyst team quantifies several measurements for each entrepreneurial company, paying close attention to the success of the combined operation. Frost & Sullivan benchmarks these participants against their competitors to arrive at a final ranking.

Key Reasons why we won the Award

  • With a bold vision of creating value for clients through quality engineering and innovative approach for project management and execution, the company presently has a strong, well-established, and satisfied customer base.
  • This vision enabled Secutech Automation to adopt solutions which remain non-proprietary and contributes in enhancing value for its customers
  • Moreover, Secutech Automation has been successful in expanding its product and services to penetrate new geographic markets, providing customers with solutions to reduce energy usage, maximize cost saving, ease building operations, and improve efficiency
  • It has emerged as a major competitor to well-established companies in India and has not only grown in size, but has also moved up in terms of its technological offerings. It has also done exceptionally well over the past few years in converting some major accounts with its concepts of Open Platform and technology advancement