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Data Centres
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We believe that the True Success of a Data Centre Business Depends purely on its Reliability, Efficiency & Cost. At Secutech, we help our Data Centre Customers Achieve the Highest Level of Uptime Performance at the Lowest Possible Cost driving their Business & Profits Upwards.


Project Focus : Netmagic DC5 (NTT)

ICT For Green Data Centre with Rack Level Monitoring of Airflow, Temperature, Humidity and PDUs. PUE Monitoring and Analytic Solutions with a “What-if” Analyser to Work on Scenarios in the future before they Happen and Hit the Bottom Line. Complete CCTV, Access Control, Entrance Automation, Baggage Scanning Solution etc provided.  Performance Management for Hot Isles / Cold Isles Energy Management using Secutech O3i Energy Analytics Service.

Secutech`s Technology Stack

  • ICT Integrating – BMS, IT, Security, PAC, UPS, Rodent Detection, Fire Detection & Suppression, Electrical, Water leak Detection , Gas Suppression, Power & Other Utility Systems in the Data Centre Environment on a Common Platform.
  • Interactive 3D Visualization with Real Time Efficiency Engines to Allow End-to-End Visibility and Precise Control over the Data Centre.
  • Energy Analytics that Predict Cost Vs Budget and Provide Actionable Intelligence to Operators to Reduce their Energy Cost Outflow.
  • Using Data Pattern Analysis to Predict Failures which Contribute to the Overall Uptime of the Data Centre.
  • Automated Fault Tracking System which Interacts with Service Providers without Human Intervention to Notify, Track, Escalate, Resolve and Monitor Issues in Real Time to meet the Service Level Agreements (SLA) of the Data Centre.
  • Using our Operational Intelligence Engine to Provide Actionable Insights in Real Time to Data Centre Operations.
  • Providing a Comprehensive Cost-Benefit Analysis to Ensure the Deepest Visibility in terms of Operational Costs.

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