Digital Signage

Digital Signage
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Digital Signage Solutions from Secutech are Unique because of the Automated and Dynamic Content driven from Secutech`s IoT based Digital Unification platform.

What we offer

Digital Signage Solutions  Consists of the following Components :

  • LED Screens
  • Digital Signage Gateway
  • IoT Enabled Digital Unification Platform Integration
  • Digital Signage Server
  • Content Creation Software

Unique to Secutech

  • IoT Based Integration for Digital Signages
  • Fire Alarm Integration with Digital Signage for Evacuation Route Displays
  • Access Control Integration for Personalised Messaging
  • Facial & Beacon Recognition for Retail Analytics
  • Energy Dashboard Integration on Digital Signage
  • Use any SBC or IoT Gateway as Media Broadcaster
  • Use any IP Enabled TV
  • Driving Personalised Content on the Signage

Key Wins

  • VS Hospital
  • Reliance GHQ