OEM Equipment Performance Management

OEM Equipment Performance Management
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This Service is primarily Offered to OEM`s MEP, IT, HVAC & ELV Equipment. By using Secutech`s IoT Gateway, we are able to connect any OEM Equipment on the Cloud and Provide Analytics to Improve the overall Equipment Health and Performance using Artificial Intelligence.

The Problem

OEMs know their equipments the best. If they are able to get the Field Data of their equipments during the operations phase when deployed at site, the use of this data is invaluable.

OEMs can use this to Monitor the Performance of their Equipments. The Data can be provided to the Factory and R&D to Improve on Conditions specific to Deployment. The Data can be used by the Service Department providing Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) to be used as a Predictive Analysis tool and Improve Customer Relations.

The Solution

Secutech`s IoT Gateway can connect to ANY Equipment using ANY Protocol on the Cloud via 4G/3G Cellular Services. Through this Service, we can Provide a Cloud based 24×7 Data Information tool to OEMs.

OEMs of critical equipment like Elevators, Fire Detection, HVAC etc can use this in Real Time to Monitor Faults and be Proactive in their Service Response.

Our Service Helps OEMs to :-

  • Improve Equipment Life
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Provide data to R&D to Avoid Future Breakdowns

Unique to Secutech

We Help OEMs by :

  • Providing a 100% Cloud Based Service
  • No CAPEX Options –  available on Monthly OPEX
  • Rich 3D Graphics of Your Equipments
  • OEM Analytical Rules can be Incorporated
  • Plug & Play Deployment – Supports over 100+ Protocols
  • Custom Development is also Possible

By getting Real Time Data and using that to take corrective action, the Life of the Equipment can drastically be improved

Pay Monthly. No CAPEX Costs.

Use our AI Engine to put your Logics and Algorithms to make sense out of the data that you collect

Connect all your Field Equipments to our IoT Gateway. Further connect the Data Points to our Cloud based Helpdesk and Ticketing Platform to Monitor Costs, SLA, TAT and Service Response time