IoT & AI based Digital Unification

IoT & AI based Digital Unification
by admin
Data is the New Oil. In Order to Extract the Data Effectively and Consume it to drive Tangible Results, we at Secutech use our Artificial Intelligence Powered IoT Platform.

The Problem

ELV systems have become complex data points. Almost every ELV system like BMS, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection, IT Management etc all come with their own application softwares. This makes Operations a Real Nightmare.

Further, collecting the data from these systems to effectively use it to drive operational intelligence is virtually impossible.

Buildings today are made of Bytes, not Bricks and hence a Traditional Integration approach will fail.

The Solution

Traditional methods of Integration were superficial and not tight enough for driving operational intelligence. Today, by seamlessly integrating all ELV Sub-Systems and providing a Digital Unification Interface, customers can use the Data to Create Business Logics to achieve more from their ELV Systems and Investments.

Any Software, Any Equipment, Any Protocol..our IoT Platform can now provide a foundation for Neutralising all the Data. This is True Unification.

Unification is the Foundation of a Healthy Efficient, Safe and Reliable Building.

Unique to Secutech

Our IoT Platform provides a Single Unified Interface for Monitoring, Controlling and Analysing your System Data.

  • We can Integrate with Any brand of BMS
  • We can Integrate with Any brand of Integrated Security Management Systems
  • We can Integrate with Any brand of Enterprise IT Management System
  • Through this Integration we provide a Digital Unification Layer for Effective Decision Making
  • We use Artificial Intelligence to Drive Value for our Customers

Whether you want it on the Cloud or on Premises, we got you covered.

Using AI on Data Collected, we are now able to Predict Failures before they occur, Identify Maintenance Issues Proactively, Improve Energy Consumption and Increase Equipment Life.

If you choose to go with our Cloud based Offering, we are in a position to provide Remote Access which is Secured 24×7 to your Data via a Rich Graphical user Interface

The Use of the IoT based Digital Unification Platform is Endless. It can be used for any Building, Any Equipment and Any Data Source.  From Building Owners, Occupants and Operators, all can gain Tangible Benefits from our AI Powered IoT Platform.