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Domain Experience


The Education Campuses of Today need to demonstrate their inherent DNA of being Smart. Secutech has worked with Leading Educational Institutes to provide them with a Smart Campus Experience which Enables Better Collaboration between Students, Faculty and the Institute.

Project Focus : SVKM`s NMIMS Campus

Identity Management and Control for Students, Faculty and Service Providers through RFID Based Authentication connected to the ERP for Attendance, Fee Payments, BlackListing and Record Management on the Smart Card. Over 500+ IP Cameras in Common areas and Classrooms with Audio Communication.  Integration of Classroom Timings with HVAC & Lighting Systems to Monitor and Control Energy without Human Intervention for Energy Management and to Lower Operational Costs. Fire Detection & Evacuation System with Integrated Voice EVAC. Entrance Automation Solution with Flap Barriers for Student Management.

Secutech`s Technology Stack

  • RFID & Biometric Attendance Monitoring
  • Attendance Integration with ERP
  • RFID Validity with Fee Payment Integration
  • Library Management
  • Canteen Management
  • Parking Management
  • Vending Machine Management
  • Emergency Evacuation and Disaster Management
  • Board Room  & Auditorium AV Solutions
  • Integrated Security Management System for Monitoring, Controlling and Tracking Vandalism, Faculty Movement and Student Movement
  • Classroom Audio-Video Solution with Complete Integration of Lighting, Blinds, HVAC etc to provide a Real Time Collaborative Environment between Students and Faculty.
  • Building Automation System with HVAC to Monitor and Control Class Room Allocation on Demand
  • Automated Fault Tracking System
  • Energy Management,
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Global Collaboration Suite for Smart Educational Campuses.

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