CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance
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CCTV Technology has been widely used and deployed today. The Unique edge Secutech offers is using Deep Learning on the CCTV System to convert the outcome from Reactive to Proactive via Analytics on the IoT Enabled Integrated Security Management Platform (ISMS)

What we offer

We are equipped to design, implement, install and maintain the most highest level of Technology & Complexity when it comes to CCTV Surveillance.

CCTV System Consists of the following Components :

  • IP Based CCTV Cameras
  • IP Based Thermal Cameras
  • Purpose Built Servers
  • Flexible Storage
  • Active Networking
  • Passive Networking
  • Integrated Security Management Application
  • Video Analytics Applications
  • Compute Equipment
  • Video Wall Controller
  • Video Wall Screens

Whether its a Single Building or a City, we have you covered for your CCTV Needs.

Unique to Secutech

  • 24×7 Health Monitoring of CCTV Infrastructure
  • Redundant Infrastructure Applications
  • Compliance Monitoring Application for Data Integrity
  • Use People Counting for Energy Management
  • Use People Counting for Retail Dashboards
  • Use Face Recognition for Business Intelligence
  • Command & Control Centre Setup
  • Use Crowd Detection for Risk Assessment
  • Automated Cause & Effect with Incident Management
  • Mobile App to Monitor all CCTV Systems Centrally

Key Wins

  • Reliance Foundation HN Hospital – 650+ Cameras
  • Mumbai International  & Domestic  Airport – 750+ Cameras
  • NTT Netmagic – 650+ Cameras
  • Sun TV HQ – 450+ Cameras
  • ONGC HQ – 175+ Cameras