IoT based Enterprise IT Management Platform (EMS)

IoT based Enterprise IT Management Platform (EMS)
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Secutech uses the IoT Based Enterprise IT Management Platform (EMS) to monitor the health, performance and uptime of all IT Equipments which form the Critical Backbone of the Complete ELV System.

The Problem

Today all ELV systems like BMS, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection etc all run on the IT Network. IT has become a backbone of Survival for the ELV Systems. The Failure of the Backbone can result in a disastrous situation.

Cybersecurity, Virus attacks and Hardware Failures are another issue that can collapse the backbone. Loss of CCTV Recordings is a major issue for companies keeping it for compliance Purposes. Failure of the IT Network on the BMS can have repercussions leading to Financial Losses in terms of Energy Costs etc.

Failure to provide a Robust & Reliable IT Infrastructure can be nothing less than a catastrophic failure of epic proportions for the ELV Systems.

The Solution

All of the Above Problems and More can be avoided by using our IoT Enabled EMS to monitor Network, Servers, Applications, Firewalls, Computers etc.

The Job of the IoT Enabled EMS is to look for potential problems. If 48 Cameras have failed, would it rather not help to know that a 48 Port Switch has failed and save valuable time of the Service Response Engineer.

Erratic behaviour of Storage and Recording CCTV Servers can now be monitored to ensure compliance in terms of continuous recording. Network bandwidth can be effectively measured to monitor designed vs actual usage.

Effectively our IoT Enabled EMS provides you a real time status of the Health of your IT Backbone.

Unique to Secutech

We are the first company to have integrated our IoT Enabled EMS with the Complete ELV System including ISMS and BMS.

  • Address Network Issues in Real Time
  • Predict Failure of CCTV Servers & Recorders
  • Monitor all Critical Applications
  • Monitor and Control Network Traffic
  • We help you protect your backbone of the ELV System

Whether you want it on the Cloud or on Premises, we got you covered.

From Servers, Storages, Firewall, PC, Cameras, Network Switches, IP Telephony Servers, Applications etc, we got you covered.

An IoT enabled EMS is like Insurance. Since it monitors your backbone, its payback is very tangible. Our IoT Enabled EMS is 45% more cost effective than other market products.

By using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, the IoT Enabled EMS is adaptive to the infrastructure. It starts creating its own patterns and then starts monitoring any variances if noticed flagging them off to the Support Team Immediately,