24×7 Remote Fire Monitoring

24×7 Remote Fire Monitoring
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Secutech`s 24×7 Remote Fire Monitoring Service is a cloud based Utility that ensures the Uptime and Maintenance of your most Important System, Fire Detection.

The Problem

Ensuring that your Fire Detection System is maintained and running in perfect working condition has been an age old challenge.

How often have we heard the statement after an Unfortunate Fire Incident has taken place which stated that “The Installed Fire Detection System was Not in Working Conditions”

75% of the Higher Management are not even aware of the fact that their Fire Detection systems may not be working.

Ignorance of such important facts can lead to devastating situations which can easily be avoided.

The Solution

Secutech`s IoT Based Digital Unification system enables us to provide that information in the form of a Dashboard to all Stake Holders.

Our IoT Gateway can connect to any Brand of Fire Detection System and transmit the data to our Cloud Server using 4G/3G Cellular Services. The outcome is a simple dashboard that shares the following Information :

  • Panel Health
  • Panel On/Off Status
  • Panel Low/Medium/Critical Alarms
  • Panel Downtime

As an Additional Service, we also provide a Cloud based Helpdesk and Ticketing Solution that can directly raise tickets to the service providers and track the resolution in case of any default.

All of this Data is available as a Simple but detailed Compliance Report for all Stake Holders – Owners & Operators.

Unique to Secutech

Our IoT Platform provides a Single Unified Interface for Monitoring, Controlling and Analysing your System Data.

  • We can Integrate with Any brand of Fire Detection System
  • We can also Integrate with Fire Protection System
  • For Developers, this becomes a RERA (MahaRERA) Compliant Solution in Maharashtra
  • For Facility Operators, it provides a Single Compliance Monitoring Interface
  • For Customers with Multiple Locations and Multiple Brands of Fire Systems, we provide a Single Interface for Fire Monitoring

This Solution is Necessary to ensure that the Investment made in the Fire Detection System pays you back when its most needed. Its like – You may have a Finance Department in your Office, but you still need an Auditor.

Our Solution is Self Contained. We can connect to any panel on any network using our Cloud based IoT Service. We dont need the Customer to provision a Network. We do this over 4G/3G Cellular Services which are Cheap and Reliable

Industries like Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and other Multi National Offices have been using our service for Global and Local Compliance Purposes. The Compliance report provides a Graphical View of the Performance of the Fire Detection System.

It doesnt matter which fire detection system you have, our IoT gateway works with any brand of fire detection panels on any protocol. To add to it, our Custom Driver Development Service can also deliver custom drivers for Locked Panels. Alternatively, for Older Generation Panels, we provide Hardwire Interfaces for Monitoring the Systems