IoT based Integrated Security Management Platform (ISMS)

IoT based Integrated Security Management Platform (ISMS)
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Secutech`s approach in Providing IoT based Integrated Security Management Systems (ISMS) is to take the Responsibility of all the Technical Complexity while Offering Security Operators a Simple Unified Interface.

The Problem

In todays complex world, Operating a Security Controls Centre could be a Nightmare. The Overload of Unprocessed alarms which are received are too overwhelming for the Security Operators to attend.

Add to that Different Brands of CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion Control etc systems with their own Monitoring Interfaces just adds to the Mess.

In the likely event of an emergency, the Operators need a Simple and Single Interface to Mitigate the Threat. Security Operators also seek for an Automated Cause and Effect Outcome by creating Standard Operating Processes for most of the Likely Incidents to enhance their Response time.

The Solution

Traditional Security Management Systems have different software applications for each Hardware Sub-System like CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion etc. Our IoT Based Integrated Security Management Systems gets rid of different Operational Softwares and Provides a Unified Interface for all Security Sub-Systems,

Now you can Integrate any Brand of Open Access Control Hardware, CCTV, Baggage Scanner, Face Readers, Entrance Automation, Intrusion Alarm etc and Consume Data from Different Systems to Drive a Business Intelligence Logic for Security Operations.

Globally known as Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM) or Integrated Security Management System (ISMS) is the Future of Integrated Security Management.

Unique to Secutech

Our IoT Based Integrated Security Management System is an Effective Application for all Security Command Control Centres.

  • Brand Agnostic Hardware Level Integration
  • Unique Ability to Directly Integrate Access Control Hardware from Honeywell Prowatch, DDS, HID, Lenel etc.
  • Single Unified Interface for Operations
  • Cross Platform Data Integration capability
  • Flexible Cause & Effect Scenarios for Incident Management
  • Gives your Operators What, Where, How and To-Dos.

Through the Achieved Integration of all Sub-Systems, the availability of Data is now Created. By using Security Operation Logics, we can create a Complete Incident Management Interface that Guides Security Operators on What to do when Something Happens.

Use Access Control Count to Define Risk. Use CCTV Count to Control Energy. Use People Counting to Monitor Evacuation. The Use of Artificial Intelligence has made User level case Studies very Effective.

We have developed drivers for different Access Control Systems which enable us to Integrate their Hardware into our IoT Enabled ISMS without using their proprietary software. Customers of Honeywell Prowatch, DDS, Lenel, Mercury and HID Controllers can avail of this Unique Advantage.

Integrating SIP IP Telephony, CCTV, Access, BMS, Lighting, Entrance Automation, Drones, Intrusion Systems, Perimeter Systems etc is now a seamless possibility. The Ability to Consume this Data to Drive Security Related Business Logics is an Endless Possibility.