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Our History defines us. We are Secutech

Secutech, the Startup – 2001.

Secutech is a true story of Two young Entrepreneurs. In 2001, Aditya Prabhu & Deepali Kelkar, graduated out of Engineering and embarked on a journey to create Secutech. This was their first job and their first company. Secutech started with very humble roots out of a 150 sq ft office in Mumbai and a staff of 3 People.

Secutech, the Security System Integrator, 2001-2005

Between 2001 & 2005, Secutech started its business by focussing on Home Security Solutions. We set up one of India`s 1st 24×7 Remote Monitoring Centres and our journey towards growth had begun. After 9/11, there was a surge of demand for Corporate Security Solutions all over India. We established ourselves as a Go-to-Company for High End Security Solutions in India focussed on Banks, Hotels, Retail , Hospitals and Corporate Offices.

Secutech, the IBMS System Integrator, 2006-2011

Between 2006 & 2011, Secutech set up its IBMS Division to focus on Integrated Projects covering Building Automation, Security & Safety. There was an ever growing need to focus on Building Automation, Security & Safety under a Single Contract. For us, it was a decision to either Adapt or Die a slow Death. We did what we knew best to do – Learn and Adapt. The Division was set up Ground Up. Secutech had now become an IBMS System Integrator.

Secutech, the Master System Integrator, 2012-2020.

Between 2012 & 2017, Secutech had become a Market Leader in IBMS and it was time to take the next step towards Expansion. Secutech set up its Integrated ELV (Extra Low Voltage) Practice and positioned itself as a Master System Integrator for Domains covering Building Automation, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection, Public Evacuation, IT Networking, Servers & Storage, Audio-Video Systems, IP Telephony, Digital Signages, Entrance Automation etc.

During this time, we also formed Secutech O3i, India`s 1st Artificial Intelligence driven IoT Platform for Digital Unification of all Sub-Systems, #TLC4Buildings.

Secutech, the Digital Transformation Leader, 2020-Present

2020 enters a new era in our journey. Our experience has resulted in our focus to become the Leader in Digital Transformation for Customers using IoT. We are today focusing on how to make your business operationally efficient. The Current Times call for a “Knowledge Shift” in the way business would tend to Operate. While Data will be at the Core of it all, the Use of Data to be converted to Outcomes which are Tangible will the name of the Game.

Enters Secutech as a “Data Darzee (Darzee means a Tailor in our National Language in India”. Stitching Data to deliver Simple Outcomes is our Mission and Goal.

Secutech in 2020

  • Established in 2001
  • 20 Years of Experience
  • Offices in 6 Cities in India
  • Global Office in Singapore
  • 26 Industry Awards
  • Worlds Smartest Building Award
  • 150+ Team Members,
  • 1000+ Projects Executed
  • India`s Leading MSI for ELV
  •  #TLC4Buildings – India`s 1st IoT Platform
  • O3i – Technology for Owners, Occupants & Operators
  • Largest IBMS Project in India, 200,000+ Points.
  • Most Complex Unified Security Project in India
  • Early Adopter of Artificial Intelligence in Buildings
  • 100% Privately Owned, Professionally Managed

We are Secutech