Traffic Management

Traffic Management
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By using a Variety of Data points from different Systems, our IoT based Digital Unification Platform can reduce time to travel by providing valuable insights.

What we offer

Traffic Management can be a painful experience for everyone. Our Solution helps Citizens of a City and Employees of an Office Complex.

Using Existing Data from various Systems, we use Artificial Intelligence to provide real time updates to people who have subscribed to this service.

At the end, it helps saves time and reduce our level of frustration in traffic by increasing productivity.

Using Variety of Data to Make Decisions

Using our IoT based Digital Unification platform we are now able to Integrate with the following systems to collect data :

  • City Wide CCTV System
  • Office Complex CCTV System
  • Google Maps – with Traffic Updates
  • Twitter – Tweets from Authorities or Citizens
  • Weather Stations
  • Flood Monitoring Systems

Unique to Secutech

Using our IoT Enabled Digital Unification Platform and Artificial Intelligence by putting business processes in place, we are now able to generate actionable insights from the data that we process.

We then create a Web Browser based Dock-able service that can be accessed by anybody either though their Mobile or PC.

What they get to See helps them take effective decisions :

  • Based on User Level Subscription, they can see Traffic Updates Leading to their Office with CCTV Feed
  • Take Effective Decisions based on Community Information from Twitter
  • Take Feedback from Flood Management System to Avoid Flooded Roads
  • Take Decisions based on Weather Reports on their Route

Our Goal

  • Allow Citizens and Office Staff to Reach in a Good Mood
  • To Reduce Time Wasted in Traffic Jams
  • To Manage and Divert People to not Further add to Congestion
  • To Broadcast Information to Subscribers that can save their Precious Time