Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist
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One of the most defining developments in contemporary healthcare is the transition from activity-based to value-based delivery. Currently, many healthcare providers are remunerated based on their level of activity.

What we offer

As buildings get smarter and Artificial Intelligence gets more prominent in the use of how buildings are operated and run, one of the systems that has gained ground is the Virtual Receptionist.

The Virtual Receptionist is very similar to your Google Assistant on Android Phones or Siri on Iphones, but with a specific focus of helping Visitors in an office complex.

How Often have we seen Visitors Lost, Searching for their Conference Rooms, Asking where are the Rest Room Facilities etc.

With Secutech`s Virtual Receptionist, we now have you covered.

How it Works ?

Using our IoT based Digital Unification platform we are now able to Integrate with the following systems to collect data :

  • Visitor Management System
  • IoT based IBMS System
  • IoT based Security System
  • Unified Communication Systems (IP Telephony)
  • Secutech`s Cloud Based AI Agent – “Naira”

Unique to Secutech

If a Visitor Approaches “Naira” which can be hosted on a Simple Touch Screen PC, he can do the following activities :

  • For Security Reasons, we make it mandatory to Enter the Visitor Management Pass Number to Authenticate the Identity of the Visitor.
  • OTP further can be used to Enhance Security if Needed
  • Once Identity is Established, we know all the information of the Visitor
  • By using the Kiosk, he can now Contact his Host & do a Video Call
  • If he is Lost, he can get a Wayfinder to his Conference Room which is Booked
  • Locate the Closest Rest Room / Toilet
  • Identify the Closest Emergency Exit Routes

Our Goal

  • Make the Experience of a Visitor in the Facility Cherishable
  • Provide the “WoW” factor to visitors
  • Save time of the Host and avoid Escorting (based on Security Clearance)