Conference Room Management (CRB)

Conference Room Management (CRB)
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Conference rooms are the most Misused Space in a Building. It is also the most Needed and Useful Space in the Building. Secutech`s Conference Room Management makes sure that the Most Useful Space now becomes the Most Efficiently Used Space.

What we offer

Our Conference Room Booking (CRB) System is a Sophisticated yet extremely simple and effective system that Saves Money and Time. Conference Rooms are always Misused in many ways causing many issues like :

  • Booked by Someone but Not Occupied
  • Source of Energy Wastage when Not Occupied
  • Not Cleaned on time causing negative impact to Visitor
  • Always in Need to Solve IT Issues for Projector, Wifi etc
  • Always Hunting for Pantry Services for Tea/Coffee & Snacks
  • No Centralised System to “Really Know” the booking Schedule

Unique to Secutech

Our Conference Room Booking  (CRB) System is holistic in nature. It is Integrated with an Eco-System of other Software Solutions making the actual usage of our Application very effective.

The Integration use cases are :

  • Integration with IoT Enabled BMS for Starting and Stopping HVAC & Lights based on Meeting Schedule
  • Integration with Digital Signage to Display all Meetings across the Facility
  • Integration with Visitor Management System for Triggering the IoT Enabled BMS from Unoccupied to Occupied Mode
  • Integration with ELV Helpdesk to Request Support for Audio-Video, Pantry and Housekeeping Services
  • Conference Room Charges if any can bd then deducted from any Department that Books it.

Our Goal

  • Efficiently Manage Conference Room Space
  • Reduce Energy Wastage
  • Help Customers become more Productive
  • Hold Service Providers and Vendors Responsible for Compliance
  • Make Operations Hassle Free