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Process Control and Compliance are the 2 Most Important Aspects while Running a Pharmaceutical Plant. At Secutech, we have worked with leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturers from whom we have deployed Technology that Enables them to Remain – Compliant, Safe, Secure and Energy Efficient.

Project Focus : Cipla Ltd

At Cipla, we have deployed technology to adhere to FDA Guidelines in Compliance. Technology Deployed by Secutech helps Pharmaceutical Plants Monitor, Control and Improve their Commitment to Adherence of 21 CFR Part 11 Compliances. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Plant Facilities need Specific Solutions that Comply to Fire Safety by Providing Explosion and Intrinsically Safe Fire Detection Solutions that is used to Prevent Fire which have been provided by Secutech. We have done CCTV, Access Control, BMS, Fire Detection, Fire Evacuation and a Compliance Monitoring System for Cipla.

Secutech`s Technology Stack

  • Process Control in the Pharmaceutical Plant requires Precision Environmental Monitoring for Temperature, Humidity, CO, CO2 etc.
  • ICT Framework which converts Data to Validation Principles assisting Pharmaceutical Companies to Comply as per Guidelines during Audits.
  • Energy Analytics to Provide Information on Operational Costs of Manufacturing Plants that may be Operating Inefficiently requiring Attention to Maintain
  • Quality HVAC and Environmental Control Solutions providing Clean Filter based Monitoring in Formulation Areas where the Air Mixing is Prohibited for Safety and Health Reasons.
  • Clean Room Solutions Deploying Technology which is Capable of being Operated to maintain a Complete Dust Free Area of Operations.
  • Automated Fault Tracking System which Interacts with Service Providers without Human Intervention to Notify, Track, Escalate, Resolve and Monitor Issues in Real Time to meet the Service Level Agreements (SLA) of the Pharmaceutical Plant.
  • RFID Parking Management for Residents and Visitors
  • Entrance Automation
  • Building Management Systems
  • Fire Detection, Gas Detection ,  Fire Protection & Disaster Evacuation
  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Digital Signage & Meeting Room Management
  • IP Based Unified Communication  Systems
  • Baggage Scanners
  • Metal Detectors & Vehicle Scanners
  • Networking, Switching and IT Automation

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