Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts
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The Importance of Maintaining your ELV Systems with the Right Talent and Skills is an important Consideration. At Secutech, our Expert Engineers go through hours of Training and Certifications on a Variety of Brands and Systems. No Matter which Equipment or Brand you have, we have a strategy to cover you.

What we do 

Secutech`s Service Division provides a variety of Services under the umbrella of “Assets under Monitoring (AUM)”.

To protect the Capital Investments made by customers in their ELV Technology, Secutech provides an holistic umbrella of Services under the Domain of Maintenance Contracts.

Our Maintenance Contract Comes in 3 Flavours :

  • Comprehensive – Service + Spare + Replacement of Equipment Support. We got your back all the way.
  • Non Comprehensive – Only Services Covered. Experience the Secutech Service Support to enhance your Asset Life.
  • Limited Comprehensive – Service + Limited Spares Support. Good for customers who want an economic but well covered solution.

How our Service Helps our Customers

Secutech`s Service Team is talented, professional, discipline and honest. We take a lot of effort in training our Team Members who become the First Line of Defence.

Key Advantages working with us :

  • Brand Agnostic Support. We work with a Host of Brands in Every Domain and have Certified Engineers to support you
  • Real Time CRM with Strict SLA & TAT Monitoring
  • Inventory of Critical Spares for Immediate Replacement
  • Pan India Support. We got you Covered
  • Top up our Plans with Additional Services – Predictive Maintenance, 24×7 Monitoring, Energy Analytics, CXO Dashboards etc
  • Benefit from our Continuous Commissioning Services which can be easily added on at a very low cost
  • Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly Reporting Formats
  • Peace of Mind. Partner with us, sit back and relax.