Parking Management

Parking Management
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Finding a Parking Space is a Nothing less than a Nightmare. Secutech`s IoT based Digital Unification Platform makes Parking Management a very Simple and Fun Story.

What we offer

Finding a Parking Spot efficiently and in time has always been a frustrating experience for many people. At Secutech, using our IoT Based Digital Unification Technology we aim at making this experience easy and effective.

How we Do it 

We integrate all components of the Parking Management System into our IoT Gateway to then effectively use this data to run business logics.

We work at the following levels :

  • Smart City – Public Parking Lots
  • Office Complex – Private Parking Lots

We help the Citizens and Office goers to find a Parking Spot, quickly and effectively.

At a Smart City Level 

  • We integrate the data from all Public Parking Operators and Aggregate the Data Availability
  • Citizens can log onto a website or our application to know where and how many spots are free
  • From the App, the Users can Reserve and Pay for the Lot also. Based on the Code Generated, they can get access to the Parking Lots
  • This Saves time for the Citizens and provides a Smart City Experience for the Municipality
  • For the Citizens, this saves time and energy

At an Office Complex Level 

  • Employees can log onto a website or our application to know where and how many spots are free
  • Based on the Availability of the Parking Lots, the Display outside shows all the Information. Further the same is available on the App.
  • As soon as the Vehicle Enters, the Parking Lot is Allocated
  • As Soon as the Parking Lot is Occupied the Status changes

Parking Management Dashboard  

  • Shows How Many Spots are Free Floor wise
  • Allows you to Book and Reserve your Spot (Based on Company Policy)
  • Allows you to pay for your Parking Online

Our Goal

  • Take the Frustration away from Parking Problems
  • Provide and Effective and Simple way of finding your Parking Spot
  • Can be applied at a City Level or a Building Level