Emergency Evacuation Application

Emergency Evacuation Application
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Despite all the Sophisticated technology in the world, Effectively Evacuating People – Employees, Visitors, Contractors etc from a Premises when an Emergency Occurs is a big challenge. Secutech`s Evacuation Application does this Effectively.

What we offer

During an Emergency, we de-activate the access control systems for all doors as a safety practice. At any given time, there would be Employees, Visitors, Contractors and other Maintenance Staff working in the Premises. A Challenge for any Security Officer during Emergency Evacuation is “Whether they have left someone behind”.

This Solution was an outcome of feedback of various Evacuation Experts and today is one of our most popular standalone applications.

How it Works – Generating “The Target List”

  • Emergency Evacuation can be Initiated Manually or through Trigger
  • The Emergency Evacuation System Integrates with Visitor Management, Contractor Management and Access Control Systems
  • The Last Swipe of Each Person is Collected from the Access System
  • The In-Premise Log of Visitors & Contractors is Collected from their respective systems
  • A Target List of all Probable People who were in the Premises is now Created automatically.

Round 1 – Establish Contact via SMS

  • Nobody Leaves their Desk or office without their Mobile Phone.
  • The Target List Includes all Mobile Numbers through which OTP was generated for pass issuance / HR Database.
  • Within 2 Mins, an SMS is sent to Every Person on the List
  • The SMS gives Instructions to Reply if they are within the Facility or not
  • The Response Collected from People is Bucketed into – Safe, Not Safe, Unknown.

Round 2 – Establish Contact via IVR

  • If somebody doesnt respond on SMS, the System Calls the Individual
  • The Time from Round 1 to Round 2 is around 5 Mins.
  • Based on DTMF Response, it again buckets the People  into – Safe, Not Safe, Unknown.

Round 3 – Filter Target List & Search 

  • Within 10 Mins of the Emergency Evacuation Process, you know have a list of all Potential Victims in – Safe. No Safe and Unknown Category to Launch your Search
  • You also get a Last Swipe Record of the Persons Location along with Live Access to the Facilities CCTV Feeds.

Our Goal

  • Save Lives