Elevator Dashboards

Elevator Dashboards
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As more and more high rises get built, the problem that people face is waiting time to use the Elevators during the Peak Hours. Our Elevator Dashboard provides important information which can then be used for Intelligent Decision making.

What we offer

Elevators Lobbies always reflect the frustration people have to go through while standing in line to enter the lift.

Research shows that Average Time spend by a Person using Elevators in an Average High Rise Building with Medium Load is 25 Mins a Day.

What If, we could save that time and reduce the Frustration behind waiting ?

Unique to Secutech

Using our IoT Enabled Digital Unification Platform, we Integrate CCTV Feed from Lift & Lobby Cameras that are normally Installed in Every New Project.

We further Integrate with the IBMS System to gather Data from the Lift Integration done at the IBMS Level.

We then create a Web Browser based Dock-able service that can be accessed by any Employee from their PC.

What they get to See helps them take effective decisions :

  • A Real Time Status of which Floor the Elevator is On.
  • A Real Time View of the CCTV Camera in the Lift
  • A Real Time View of the CCTV Camera on their Lift Lobby
  • A Soft “Lift Call” button which can be activated from their PC incase they want to call for the Lift

Our Goal

  • Employees can now take decisions based on Data Provided to them
  • It Increase Employee Efficiency by Reducing Waiting Time
  • It Improves Employee Morale