2010 | Buildy Awards | World`s Smartest Building

2010 | Buildy Awards | World`s Smartest Building
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About BuilConn (USA)

BuilConn® is a unique event that unites all the individuals involved in buildings and IT to take an objective and comprehensive view of the future of buildings and facilities, understand the technologies and trends that shape it, and discover the steps required to implement truly intelligent, green, and sustainable buildings.

Research Methodology

As the gathering place for Building-IT Convergence, all issues pertaining to the evolution of this space will be presented, discussed, and developed at BuilConn. The focus of BuilConn in 2010 is to provide a platform for the reinvention of Building Automation driven by the trends of energy sustainability and use of Information Technology to address the challenge of climate change and energy security.

Key Reasons for this Award

  • The Cisco Building 14 was a true demonstration of Integrated & Smart Technology
  • The Cisco Project demonstrated true convergence between BMS, Safety, Security & IT
  • A Platinum Green Building with 50 MW of power with a 70 MW back-up much lower than what is normally needed for a Campus of this Size
  • Integration of over 24 Different Systems using over 9 Different Protocols
  • Deployment of Custom Applications for Conference Room Booking, Parking Management and Energy Management
  • Seamless integrtaion with Cisco IP Phones to drive XML based applications to Control Lights, HVAC and Access Control Doors
  • A Complete Decentralised Approach in Terms of Data and Information Management using Middlewares
  • No Usage of Thermostats and Lighting Switches in Conference Rooms to Save on Money and Material cost. All Controls on IP Phone
  • For 2010, the Technology deployed by an Indian Company (Secutech) for the Cisco Campus in Bangalore is much better than any Global Campus of Cisco.