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Leading India`s Digital Transformation MSI for Cities, Buildings & Industries

We are Secutech

We Commit to Reduce your Energy Costs by 30%

Secutech O3i

to make Buildings run Better

Secutech uses Artificial Intelligence

provides a Single Interface for all ELV Systems

Secutech`s IoT Based Platform

is what Powers Smart Cities

Secutech`s AI Powered IoT Platform

Secutech is the Leader in helping Cities, Buildings and Industries in their Digital Transformation using IoT

Secutech has a demonstrated history of executing large projects in the ELV domain. Our Focus is on – Building Automation, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection, Public Evacuation, IT Networking, Servers & Storage, Audio-Video Systems, IP Telephony, Digital Signages, Entrance Automation, Lighting Automation etc

Using our Artificial Intelligence driven IoT Platform we Unify all Sub-Systems covered under the ELV Domain to help our customers Reduce Energy, Increase Efficiency and Optimise Resources while ensuring that the Highest Level of Comfort & Security is delivered.

We are Secutech


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Truly Open Solution

We pledge to provide 100% Non Proprietary ELV Technology with an Open Framework which will not have any proprietary licensing tool that locks customers down towards monopolistic Services.

TLC4 Buildings

India`a 1st Cloud Based Remote Analytics platform that helps customers monitor the building performance to create actionable insights resulting in Tangible Returns in the form of Reduced Energy, Maintenance & Resource Costs.

IoT Based Unification

Our IoT Based platform provides a foundation for Integrating all Building Technology from Any System, Any Brand & Any Protocol to provide a Single Unified Dashboard for the Customer to take Informed Decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

By using our Artificial Intelligence algorithms on the data collected from our IoT Platform, we are able to reduce Operational,  Energy & Maintenance Costs using Predictive, Proactive & Adaptive Analytical rules in Real time.

Why Secutech ?

The Bedrock of any Technology to be deployed is that it should solve the problems for the people using it.

This approach has helped us focus all our Technology Investments on People – The 3Os – Owners, Occupants and Operators.

By focussing on solutions that drive actionable insights for the 3O`s, we have been able to deliver successful projects in the ELV Domain as a Master System Integrator.

Being a Master System Integrator our focus is now on solving problems that the 3O`s face during the Building Life Cycle.

We differentiate from Traditional ELV Contractors because of our approach in deploying IoT Based Digital Unification Systems to all our Projects. This helps the 3Os gain Tangible Benefits in the flavour of Reduced Operations, Energy and Resource Costs.

We are the only ELV Master Systems Integrator in India to have adopted Artificial Intelligence in our Technology Stack of Services.

We remain committed to our goal of deploying affordable Technology which provides Tangible Benefits to our customers while ensuring that their Buildings remain Comfortable, Secure & Efficient at the same time.

We are Secutech.

Why Choose Us?

Our Legacy

We have over 20 years experience in the ELV Domain

Domain Knowledge

We have one of the Most Knowledgeable Teams in the Industry.

Project Delivery

PMP Certified Project Management Setup to Deliver Projects in time

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