IBMS Migration & Retrofits

IBMS Migration & Retrofits
by admin
How Often have you heard “My BMS System is Not Working and my Current OEM is not Supporting”.  This is an Extremely Common Problem. OEMs have locked customers down for years with their Proprietary & Service Locked Strategy. We pledge to make things Different and help Customers Migrate their Proprietary BMS to a System with Open Standards at the Lowest Possible Cost.

What we do 

Once bitten, twice shy. We have heard this as children. When considering a change of your BMS, dont jump from the Frying pan into the Fire. BMS is one system where OEMs still today have monopolistically arm twisted customers in paying ridiculously high Maintenance Contracts.

This is also the primary reason where one Large OEM will never be able to Support the BMS System Installed by another OEM.

A lot of customers come to us with this Problem. We have a demonstrated history of how we have “Opened Up” Locked and Proprietary Building Automation Systems to Open Standards without really changing any Hardware.

How our Service Helps our Customers

  • Leverage Existing Investments
  • Make your BMS finally work for you
  • Create Reports that you never had before
  • Create Stunning Dashboards of Information that you never got before
  • Use Advanced tools like – Predictive Maintenance, Helpdesk & Ticketing, Energy Analytics, Continuous Commissioning etc from our Umbrella of Services to Gain More out of your Systems
  • Currently Migrated Brands include JCI Metasys, Siemens Desigo, Schneider TAC, Honeywell Trend, Honeywell Webs, Honeywell EBI etc.