Cisco Campus (Bengaluru)

Cisco Campus (Bengaluru)
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Project Highlights :

  • Platinum LEED Certified Building
  • India`s True Example of a Smart Building
  • BuillCon | Worlds Smartest Building Award
  • Frost & Sullivan Smart Building Award
  • Spread over 15M Sq Ft & 6 Buildings

System Highlights :

  • Over 110,000 IBMS Points (Indias Largest BMS) Covering 25 Sub-Systems
  • Chillers, AHU, VAV, PAC, UPS, DG Sets,
  • ACB`s, Electrical Panels, BTU Meters ,Energy Meters
  • Elevators, Pressurization Fans, WLD, Fire Detection

Smart Applications:

  • IP Telephony Integration with IBMS
  • Conference Room Integration with IBMS
  • Digital Signage Integration with IBMS
  • Energy Analytics & Predictive Maintenance