We are Ready for Business

We are Ready for Business
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We are Ready for business

Last Update : 1st May 2020 Update

This Section of our Website gets Updated very regularly to update our Advisory.

We pledge that we will do everything within our capacity to ensure minimum risk of impact to your business. We further commit to go above and beyond the call of duty to support your business need in every possible way. 

 We are Ready to Service you. We have created a Post COVID-19 Business Service framework which is explained below.

When can we Start Servicing our Projects ?

Based on the various Circulars and Updates that we receive from Local State Authorities, we are in a Position to provide Emergency and Breakdown Services to Industries classified to remain operational as per the Government Circular. If your business falls under the “Essential Services List” as updated by the Local State Government, we are Ready to Service you.


What if your Business Falls under the Essential List ?

We will need a Letter Issued to Secutech, that explains the Type of your Business and the Need for Requirement to service your business. With this Letter, we will approach the Local Law and Enforcement Agencies to get a Travel Permit enabling our Team to Reach your Site. 

What about Travel Arrangements to the Site ?

At this point of the Communication, the Travel arrangements can only be made by the Business that falls under the Essential List. We seek your Support in arranging Transport to and Fro for our Team Members till such time Local Transport is made available to them.



What Safety Measures will Secutech Soldiers Take at Site ?

Yes, we call them Secutech Soldiers, because they are risking their health in ensuring that Services get rendered. We truly respect and salute their commitment. Secutech Soldiers has undergone training to ensure that we practice safe hygiene at site. All our Team Members will carry Hand Sanitiers & N95 Masks when they Travel and Visit your Facility. We are ensuring that our Soldiers at site are well educated and trained to take the highest precautions of social distancing and self sanitisation. 

Can Secutech Remotely Service its Customers ?

We have been providing Remote Support to our Customers since the last 5 Years. We have the complete capability to Remotely Manage your Infrastructure and Ensure System Performance as effectively as physically being there. Even if your Business Falls under the Essential Services List and you would like us to Check the Health and Fix any Issues, we can do this very effectively without the risk of travel. 

What if your Business Does Not Fall under the Essential List ?

We have a Robust Remote Maintenance Platform that enables us to ensure that all your Systems are running Healthy in your Absence. If you would like us to Remotely Maintain your Facility and Conduct a Health Check, please do get in touch with us and we can enable this Service for you.

How is Secutech Equipped to as an Organization to Manage Post COVID-19 Services ?

Secutech practices what it preaches. Our Digital Transformation story that we have implemented has enabled us to stay connected 24×7. Our IT and IoT Platforms have enabled us to work as usual from the confines of our Home. We understand that this is the New Normal and we have embraced this seamlessly into our workflow. 

We are Secutech