Playbook 1.0 : Re-occupancy guidelines using IoT technology

Playbook 1.0 : Re-occupancy guidelines using IoT technology
by admin

We at Secutech have evolved over the years with a belief in the South African phrase UBUNTU – which means “ WE are because YOU are, and since YOU are, I am”. All of us at Secutech believe in the humanness of this situation and have always humbly acknowledged that WE are because of OUR teams , OUR partners and OUR customers .

Faced with unprecedented times , we had to empower ourselves and our eco system for this change that lies ahead of us in workspace re-occupancy concerns. The outcome resulted in the creation of a Re-occupancy playbook that better explains what we call as the “The New Normal” 

Discussions with Advisors and Industry Experts Guided by WHO, ISHRAE & ASHRAE position documents led to the publishing of the “Secutech Workspace Technology Playbook to Fight COVID-19 Impact”

  1. The playbook is a guide for all Building Owners, Occupants and Operators that will enable them to create a comfortable and safe working environment that is much needed under the current circumstances.
  2. The Playbook has very Practical , Reliable and Affordable Insights on how Customers can use People, Process & Technology to address these problems on Workspace Health and build Occupier Confidence which is much needed today.
  3. The Playbook is Structured into 3 Sections : Detect, Comply & Respond. This is Version 1.0 and we will see newer versions being released as we mature our outlook.
  4. The Playbook is General and the Advisory can be Implemented by ANY Integrator for ANY Customer on ANY System.
  5. As has been our DNA at Secutech , the playbook doesn’t emphasize on the promotion of a product or a a brand. This is surely not the time for that!

It is our our little contribution to this community in the aim of building lasting relationships with the confidence that all of us together will tide over these challenging times and get back to  BUSINESS AS (UN)USUAL.

We are here ! We are listening ! We are in it together and we will fight this out.


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