Playbook 2.0 : Return to work with confidence

Playbook 2.0 : Return to work with confidence
by admin

The economy and the confidence of people has taken a big hit. Getting back to normal will be increasingly difficult during which the economic hit will be further devastating.

Some businesses can still function from a Work-From-Home routine, but there are a lot of them, that run on the physical presence of people.

Think of Construction Projects, Malls, Restaurants, Movie theatres, Co-working spaces, Hotels, Healthcare , Factories, Airports , Railways etc that cannot survive without people.

IoT for Everyone is a project within Secutech where we are committed to help Small, Medium and Large businesses prepare for returning back employees and customers with confidence.

The Secutech Workplace Technology Playbook  published on 29th April 2020, provided a starting point for us and the response and feedback we got was Inspirational, motiviating us to release this one.

This IoT insight playbook focuses more on using IoT to help organizations prepare & execute their policies around Social Distancing, Sanitization, Indoor Air Quality & Effective Communication.

PS :The Last Section of the Playbook has also got basics of IoT simplified for understanding this playbook better.

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