Our Health Advisory

Our Health Advisory
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Secutech`s In-House Medical Advisor Helps us Clear Myths & Facts on Prevention & Safety

Our In-house Medical Advisor, Dr Safala Shroff helps our Teams fight COVID-19 safely.

As we have Soldiers still working on the Frontline, the importance of education and practical advise is most needed. Live Webinars were conducted for all our Team Members, their Family and Friends.

The Webinar covered Myths, Facts and Prevention Techniques to fight COVID-19. After we got a lot of great feedback and appreciation, we decided to make this learning Public Information (as it should be).

Dr Safala Shroff offered all our Team Members including our Field Level Staff with Logical and Practical Advise. She answered grass root questions which otherwise were never really addressed. The Outcome was that our Teams now know what to do and how to remain safe.

Attached is the Presentation that is made public for all to learn.

At the End, this is a Fight that “We” have to face together.

We Care. We are Secutech.

Dr Safala Shroff
Secutech In-House Medical Advisor

E-Mail: safala@secutechautomation.com

Dr Shroff works Full time at the Shroff Eye Hospital. More Details about her can be found here. Please Click here to go to Shroff Eye Hospital